Bridal Guide: Five Easy Tips on How to Look Elegant for Your Wedding Photos!

No introductions here, I am just going to get straight to the nitty gritty.

Tip 1: 

Repeat after me:

I am beautiful.

I want you to repeat this to yourself as many times as possible because you ARE beautiful. Leave all doubts at the door when you walk out of your room. Beauty starts from within. Love yourself no matter what the circumstances may be; let your inner beauty shine through. Think about a time when you were feeling down and someone took a photo of you. How did you look? Then, think about another time when you felt good and was having a great day. How did you look? You have not changed at all, but rather your mood and attitude changed. Don’t let the environment and your surrounding change who you are inside. I’ve seen brides and female subjects see themselves as not being beautiful even when, to me, they looked absolutely amazing. We are too harsh on ourselves sometimes. Love yourself and love who you are right now. 

Soft Hands | Le Vie Photography | Fine Art Weddings

In the image above, I asked the bride to close her eyes and touch her heart. Notice the hail storm in the background? It was pouring outside, but I am sure in her mind: she is beautiful, she is confident, she is calm, and she is in a graceful place. As a photographer, we do notice it when someone is not confident in themselves and it actually shows in the photos. I’ve seen stunning brides not look as stunning as they should in photos because they are too concerned and self-conscious about themselves. I have also seen brides that are not your typical model, look spectacular and beautiful because they exude a sense of elegance and grace when they are in front of the camera. So remember, YOU are beautiful.

Tip 2: 

Release your inner Disney!

Have you ever dreamt of being a Disney princess? Well, now is your time to become one. Release your inner Disney character. All princesses exuberate elegance and move with grace. Soften your movements, walk a little bit slower, lightly pick up your dress, and move like a dancer.


Tip 3: 

Move like a ballerina.

This follows tip #2 and that is to think like a ballerina. Soften your fingers and hands. Often times, I notice brides holding a champagne glass, knife, or dress with such tight or nervous grip. Start holding things and pay attention to your hands and fingers. The hands can really make or break a photo. Practice this every day until it is natural to you.

Le Vie Photography | Fine Art Weddings

In this image, if you pay attention to her hands, you’ll notice that her grip is very soft. This soft look in her hands exudes a sense of ethereal and grace. 

Le Vie Photography | Fine Art Weddings

Le Vie Photography | Fine Art Weddings

On the two images above, I asked both brides to be on their tippy toes like a ballerina. This forces you to walk elegantly and softly because if you don’t you will lose balance and fall. This is also why heels are invented, to make women look taller and more elegant. I also told them to play with their dress and dance to create movements. This is what turns a normal photo into a dynamic one. Don’t be too stiff in your photos, start pretending you are a ballerina and start dancing. Movements will evoke emotions. Imagine yourself performing in front of everyone as a ballerina. A ballerina will always have soft hands, elegant stance, and good posture. These are also the characteristics of an elegant bride.

Tip 4: 

Breathe, relax, and have FUN!

Breathe. Just breathe, relax and most important of all, have fun! The more relaxed you are the easier it is for photographers to capture natural and captivating moments. If you are nervous or feeling uneasy, take a moment to just breathe. Talk to your photographer if you are not comfortable doing something. This is your day together, so be in the moment and enjoy spending time with your fiance — soon to be husband. Don’t stress about making everything perfect. Let us do all of the stressing for you. If something does not look right to us, we will direct you to do something different. The goal is to capture your beautiful and elegant love story that will make your hearts flutter again and again.

Le Vie Photography | Fine Art Weddings

Tip 5:

Le Vie Photography | Fine Art Weddings

Trust your photographer.

Trust your photographer! You have scoured the internet and looked at numerous portfolios. You selected your photographer for a reason–their artistic vision. During your consultation, be as thorough as possible and discuss with your photographer your vision for your wedding day. If the photographer does not feel like they are a good fit, they will let you know and most likely refer you to a photographer that they know will be a better fit. However, once you have committed to a photographer, trust their vision and let their creative juice flow. 

Greystone Mansion | Le Vie Photography | Fine Art Weddings

Sometimes photographers will do the most unusual thing to get that perfect angle. You will never know what they are really seeing behind the lens. Remember, you hired them for their vision, so trust them. In the image above, I was on the ledge, trying not to fall, with my head oddly tilted to get this photo. I can look silly all day for you to laugh and giggle as long as I can provide you with beautiful memories.

I hope these 5 tips are helpful to you and will make you look absolutely gorgeous and elegant on your wedding day! Make sure you comment, like, share, and check that post notification for more tips like these.  Until then, have an awesome day!

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