Việt Lê


Thank you for coming and sharing your stories with me. As a child, I have explored many forms of art and creativity. From learning how to play the piano and guitar to crocheting and creating animation, I have always found myself in the art world. I am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful kindred spirits, like you. You are giving me the greatest gift I can ask for; that is to see this beautiful world filled with love and endless stories to be told.


As an artist, I seek to create imagery that holds a deeper meaning and will stand the test of time. I focus on capturing what is most important: your life’s moments. As a visual storyteller, I strive to curate images that will make your hearts flutter.


I am a hybrid film photographer, which means I use both traditional film and digital cameras. Film allows me to create images that beautifully embraces light and generate colors and tones that are natural and pleasing to the human eyes. It provides an emotional feeling and sensation that is truly indescribable. It encourages me to slow down and make a more deliberate decision because every frame is valuable. This makes every shot so much more meaningful because every decisive moment is special. I am completely engaged in my environment when I shoot with film. However, when the light is too subdued for film and things are moving at a faster pace, I switch over to my digital camera to ensure I am not missing anything. This gives me the best of both worlds: the timeless nature of film and speed & reliability of digital.


Your trust in us is paramount, therefore I truly value your experience with us. Our goal is to provide you with a luxury experience. I look forward to being your visual biographer as we embark on this adventure together to capture your beautiful stories and curate artistic heirloom imageries for generations to come.


With gratitude,

Việt Lê

Derivation of the "LE VIE" brand

The brand name is derived from Viet's name, in which coincidentally translate from the French language (with a twist) to mean “The Life”. This life philosophy is what he looks for in his images. As a visual biographer, he is always seeking to capture authentic imagery that tells life’s beautiful stories.

my storyy

I was introduced to the art world at a very young age. At the time, it was used to simply to keep me occupied and out of trouble. I soon became more interested in the arts and found these creative outlets a bit therapeutic. I begin taking classes and lessons in crocheting, animation, pottery, and even theatre technology. It is through these beginnings that provided me with the foundation and inspiration to create the imageries that you see today.


I picked up my first camera during my first year of college. It was not a professional camera, but it had just what I needed to take an image and establish my camera technical foundation. I continuously improved my skills through deliberate practices and in 2017, I picked up my first film camera. As a fortunate discovery, I actually bought the old film camera from eBay as a decorative piece for my office space. While cleaning the camera, I saw a roll of 35mm Kodak film inside of the camera and decided to just snap a few random photos in my apartment to finish the roll. I dropped off the film for processing at my local film shop and immediately, I felt the excitement. The process of dropping something off and not knowing what I would get was exciting!

At first, I was afraid that there would be no images at all because the film was too old. When I saw my first scan I was instantly hooked. Although, the images were subpar due to my lack of knowledge in film exposure and the expired film, the feelings I felt during this process is indescribable. Without a doubt, I knew I wanted to delve deeper into this world. I bought a “real” film camera a few months later and have not looked back ever since. I love film and although digital has its place, film will always have a special place in my heart. To me shooting film is easier, it allows me to focus on the moments and what is in front of me. When I shoot film, it is not about getting the perfect shot, but rather capturing the perfect moment. With film, I anticipate for the moments.


Photography freezes time, allows us to time travel, help us remember and relive those moments long after it has passed. It creates something tangible from something intangible for us to pass down for generations.


My goal as a photographer is to take you back to each moment and give you that same exact feeling that I have felt when I captured my images. Every image you see created by me is an invitation into my world. A world that I believe is filled with beauty and hope. I am humbled and truly honor to have this opportunity to share this vision with you.

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