The Artist
Việt Lê

"Romantic, Elegant, Timeless"



My name is Viet. First of all congratulations on your recent engagement! You must be very excited. I am truly honored that you are considering me as your photographer. Photography freezes time, allows us to time travel, help us remember and relive those moments long after it has passed. It creates something tangible from something intangible for us to pass down for generations. To me, weddings represent love, commitment, and the possibilities of new life, families, and legacies. Your wedding is full of emotions and unforgettable moments. Your children should be able to relive those moments. Our goals are not only to capture this but also to provide you with a memorable experience. Our mission is to deliver beautiful heirloom imageries and a curated luxury experience.

To ensure that you have the best wedding experience possible, we only accept a very limited number of weddings each year. We reserve this for the select extraordinarily interesting and interested clients with a discerning taste. I am a firm believer in the “platinum rule”, that is...


“Treat others better than how you’d like to be treated.”


I love it when I receive great services and I know you do too. So, if you ever feel like I did not provide you with a wonderful experience, let me know.


A few fun facts about me:


I live in the beautiful state of California.

I love to travel.

I am a little bit of a dare devil.

I enjoy fitness, outdoors adventures, and totally obsessed with Corgis.

I actually learned how to crochet when I was 12 years old.


Thank you for sharing your memories with me. I hope to hear from you soon!


With Warmest Regards,

Viet Le


The Artist


As a portrait photographer and visual biographer, I look to beautifully curate your story and create artistic images that evoke emotions. My artwork can be described as elegant, romantic, and timeless. I prefer to use analog film as my photographic medium. Film allows me to create images that beautifully embraces light and generate colors and tones that are natural and pleasing to the human eyes. It provides an emotional feeling and sensation that is truly indescribable. It encourages me to slow down and make a more deliberate decision because every frame is valuable. This makes every shot so much more meaningful because every decisive moment is special. I am completely engaged in my environment when I shoot with film. I also use a professional digital camera when light is not readily available. With that said, the best camera will always be the camera that is in my hand. I will use whatever camera necessary to create the best images possible.


All of our films are delivered and processed by our trusted partner film photography lab. We work closely with our lab to ensure that our image color and tone are highly consistent with our brand. All of our images are artistically touched to create my signature look.


From film negative processing to printing, we have streamlined our process to use the same lab to ensure we deliver a consistent high quality product to you. Our perfect color and tone lab prints are the results of meticulous calibration and adjustments to our hardware and software. The monitor we use in the studio is specifically calibrated to the professional color lab's printer, so what I see on my monitor will precisely match what is printed. We have worked harmoniously to ensure that our prints are exactly how we intended to be, from screen to print.


All of our inks and papers are museum archival-grade, which means, with the proper care, your prints and albums will last for generations.

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"In a world full of digital technology and electronic screens, the special feeling of holding a tangible heirloom piece has been diminished and lost its sentimental value. To me, flipping through an iPad page of photos will never be the same as viewing a beautiful print on the wall or flipping through a beautiful and artistically curated album. This is why at Le Vie Photography, we take great pride in providing you with beautiful and high quality options on owning a piece of your legacy and heirloom collections."

Our professional lab prints and products are available directly through your online gallery. Your photos will be printed on beautiful luster paper to decrease fingerprint using a "Gicleé" museum archival-grade printing method on Canon's professional color calibrated printers.


You also have the option to have your prints on our exquisite Fine Art Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper. Hahnemühle is a well-respected paper making company since 1584. Their long history is truly a testament to their knowledge and skills in paper making.


We also offer canvas prints. Our canvas prints have a full solid backing and a scratch resistant coating. We offer canvases from 10 x 10" all the way up to 40 x 30" !


We offer Fine Artisan Crafted Albums made of 100% natural Italian leathers selected for their texture, strength, and durability. Each album is unique and tailor-made to fit by an artisan. You can choose from a selection of distressed leathers enchant with their rugged beauty or colored leathers that are supple and luxurious.


For our vegan friends, we offer our elegant handmade heirloom linen option with the ultimate sophistication, "The Artisan Album". This handmade bespoke gem features a beautiful printed vellum overlay, fine art gicleé pages and a matching keepsake album box.


Our proof print sets are beautifully displayed in a presentation box can be proudly shared and shown to your friends and families during gatherings.


Our large 8 x 10" individually matted prints displayed in a beautiful presentation box is one of our favorites. This is a perfect piece of decoration for your coffee table to showcase your beautiful photos in the most elegant way. Each photo is printed on archival-grade Fine Art paper and is perfectly framed individually with white mat borders for an elegant and timeless look.

At Le Vie Photography, we believe in passing down your legacy and sharing your stories for generations to come. We take great pride in our products and quality. Therefore, all of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturer's defects.



All albums and prints are printed on an archival-grade material to protect and preserve your heirloom piece. Our albums are tailor-made to fit your needs. Each book is unique and finely crafted by an artisan from start to finish. Our heirloom albums will allow you to relive your moments again and again.


How long do you take to process our photos?

We typically suggest our couples to book at least 10 months in advance. This ensure we have ample amount of time to plan and shoot the engagement session and have your save-the-date cards sent out on time before your wedding. It also allows us time to work with you and your wedding vendors. The sooner you can book, the less stressful it will be for you. My personal recommendation is book between 10-18 months.

How do you deliver your wedding images?

Your full wedding gallery will be delivered to you in a form of a web gallery. Your online gallery can be viewed and shared with family and friends. You can also download files that could print up to 4x6 prints, as well as purchase canvases and prints through the gallery.


If you have selected a collection that includes our luxury albums, you'll also receive complimentary USB drive and access to your images in full maximum resolution. Albums and prints will be processed upon your approval and will be delivered to you in the mail.

Do I have to order prints from you?

Print orders can be placed directly from the online gallery. All print orders from the gallery will be processed through our trusted print labs that are color calibrated to match our color standards. With that said, all photo session will include the rights to download, share, and print from a high-resolution 4 x 6" file.


If desired, you can also purchase image file sizes larger than 4 x 6", up to 16 x 20" files through the online gallery.

Do you offer International destination wedding services?

We most certainly do! However, work-life balance is very important to us, therefore we try to limit our travels in North America and only take 2 International weddings per year outside of North America. Please contact us directly for a custom quote on International Weddings.

What's the difference between an assistant photographer vs. associate photographer?

Both assistant photographers and associates photographers are professional, courteous, and skilled artists. Associates photographers are capable of taking over as lead photographer, if necessary. They can confidently photograph weddings and events without much direction and have real-wedding experience from operating their own businesses. They act as my brand ambassadors and work under my studio for the dates and time that I am unable to cover. They are also contracted for larger or longer weddings that require multiple photographers and will work on their own. Assistant photographers may also have the ability to shoot solo, however, they primarily shadow, assist, and provide back-up images for the lead photographer. I prefer to work with an associate as they can help me provide a more cohesive product.

How long do you take to process our photos?

Although we try to process your images as soon as possible. We are much more than a quick turn around photography studio. Please understand that the processing of great imagery takes time. If we shoot any film at your event, we pack and ship all of our films to our trusted local lab after the shoot, from there they must verify the film count, develop, and scan the film based on our signature color preferences. As you can see there's a lot involved in our process. We want to ensure that all of your photos are carefully curated and thoroughly examined for quality before delivery. With that said, we make great efforts to keep our turn around time below 60 days.

What is film?

When I mention that I shoot film, many people confuse it with video films as in "Oh, you shot video films". Tradition photographic film, believe or not, is very much alive in today's digital world. Remember that roll of Kodak or Fuji film you use to have back in the 90's before digital cameras? Yes, when photographers refer to shooting film, we are talking about this. Here's a link to read all about film.

Why Film?

Film embraces light beautifully and generates colors and tones that are very natural and pleasing. It provides an emotional feeling and sensation that is truly indescribable. Film forces you to slow down and make a more deliberate decision because every frame is valuable. This makes every shot so much more meaningful because every decisive moment is special. Digital has its purpose as well, but for the most part, film is my medium of choice.

Are delivered photos retouched and color balanced?

Yes, we take great pride in our products. If an image is not up to our high-quality standards, you will not see it. We spend countless hours working with our film lab to create our signature colors and tone. Our editing computer monitors are routinely color calibrated to match our lab's calibrated printers. This means all of your delivered images and print products will be consistent and cohesive.

Do you have an associate photographer?

Most of our wedding collections will include an assistant photographer. This ensures that we are able to cover more grounds and give you different perspectives on your wedding day. For wedding collections that do not include a associate photographer, one can be added on for an extra fee.





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