The Happiest Place on Earth

We finally made it! After 16 hours of dealing with travel agents, airlines, and TSA’s we arrived at one of the Happiest Place on Earth, Denmark. The first thing I noticed was everyone here looks like they belong on an H&M Clothing Store catalog. The Danish are some good looking stylish peeps! We arrived at our AirBnB and absolutely love our courtyard view!

We did some quick exploring the next day and on our stroll around the city, we noticed that none of the bicycles were locked. Odd right? I mean if this was the States, these bikes would be long gone! So I asked and learned from the locals that since everyone rides a bicycle in Copenhagen, no one bothers to lock them. In fact, people just take any bike whenever they need one, drop them off, and go on their merry way. The person who comes out with a missing bike just simply take another bike and because there are so many bikes around, you’ll never run out of bicycles. In America, we call this stealing, but to the Danish, this is just another day of “Ride Sharing?” I was so tempted to try this but didn’t.

The Nyhavn Canal is a beautiful place to take a stroll and just enjoy the nice afternoon. We tried some hot dogs while we were there and I have to say Denmark hot dogs are amazing! If you are thinking of visiting Denmark, be aware that it is expensive here. The locals here pay a hefty 40% tax! And this is usually passed on to the consumers. Crazy right? So why are Denmark people so happy? Well from what I saw, safety. People leave their kids and babies in the stroller unattended all the time without any worries. Medical coverage and college education are completely free. The people here feel that they are getting a lot back for their tax dollars and are simply just contributing to a better society. As a matter of fact, they don’t seem to complain about the high tax rate at all and feel that it is necessary for everyone’s well being. Talk about positive thinking, right?!

On our last day in Copenhagen, we visited Tivoli Gardens. It was said that Walt Disney was inspired by this theme park for his famous Disney parks.

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