When in Paris…

À Paris, we finally meet.

Our second destination on our Euro trip – so exciting! Before our flights to Paris from Copenhagen, I got an unpleasant e-mail notification that said Italy’s travel employees are organizing a strike and that our flights in Italy will be delayed – great! Another hiccup in our travel plans. Nonetheless, I felt that we’ve been through enough battling with TSAs so far and just wanted to relax. If you would like to catch up on what’s been going on feel free to visit my previous journal, The Happiest Place on Earth. So we decided to put everything aside and just enjoy Paris.

“When in Paris, we must forget our problems in life and just experience this beautiful and romantic city to its fullest.”

We arrived in Paris late afternoon, so we decided to just enjoy the rest of the day with a simple stroll around the city and watched the sunset as the flashing Eiffel Tower’s light show come on. The next morning we woke up bright and early to catch the sunrise at the scenic, Trocadéro. You can check out the full sunrise photo session here:  Mon amour à Paris. After our morning photo session, we decided to have brunch at the Jardin du Luxembourg. This place was absolutely beautiful! The French, in my opinion, probably have one of the most elegant and sophisticated architecture. Everything is so purposefully and beautifully laid out. The garden is a perfect spot to just hang out, have lunch, and enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

“Traveling is so much more about the journey and simply just getting lost in the culture and environment.”

After exploring the gardens, we decided to just get away from the typical attractions and just got lost in the city. The best part of traveling, to me, is the getting lost part. And what better place to get lost than, Paris! At every corner, there were hidden gems ready for us to explore.

As the day slowly settled in; the jet lag, lack of sleep, and being on our feet all day finally started taking its toll on our body. We decided to do a quick sugar run before heading back to our hotel. Of course, we had to have Crêpe in Paris! We did a quick TripAdvisor search and found a Crêpe spot in nearby. And my goodness, it was such a simple food item, but it was SOOOO GOOD! I hate Paris for this, they’ve ruined desserts in the states for us.

We quickly grabbed an Uber after our dessert and headed back to our hotel to freshen up, rest our feet, and tried to squeeze in a quick nap before heading back out to the city. I have to admit, after a long day and a nice shower, the bed felt so good and everything just seemed to have melted away. To anyone traveling in a different time zone, I highly recommend that the first day that you arrive, just forget about everything – the explorations, the attractions, the food, who cares! Just check into your hotel, take a nice long shower, maybe get a massage, and just fall asleep and RELAX! Catch up on the sleep so that you are fully rested before you start your exploration. This was our big mistake, we wanted to see everything and when we finally got back to our hotel, I realized that this rest was LONG overdue. That quick nap that I had in the hotel felt so good, I literally didn’t care that we were in Paris and just wanted to sleep! It took me a while, but after a few tries from Kim waking me up. I finally jumped out of bed as I knew this was our last hurrah to enjoy our last sunset and night in Paris! I quickly grabbed my camera with some film and headed out to Pont Alexandre III to catch the sunset just in time. A sunset that I am so glad, I saw before leaving. I just wish we had a few more days here to explore this beautiful city…

Until next time, I’ll be thinking of you Paris…

Film Processed by Richard Photo Lab @RichardPhotoLab

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