Our Philosophy

We take great pride in our work and want to ensure that our clients, colleagues, and partners are always happy with the services and products we provide. We strive to continuously refine ourselves to ensure that our quality is always above par. The services and products we provide should always reflect our hard work and our client’s best interests first.

The 4 C’s approach

Provide world-class services

Deliver cohesive imageries

Consistent imageries and quality

Colors that are naturally pleasing and appealing to the human eye.

Acts of Kindness

Inspired by many around us, we are surrounded by more love than we can imagine.

In loving memory of my grandpa for his endless acts of kindness and willingness to give, I want to share with our clients the joy of giving back to those less fortunate than us through an organization that positively impact the world. On behalf of our clients, Le Vie Photography will donate to any charities of our client’s desire for every collection booked. We hope you choose an organization that holds meaning for you as this will be your first act of kindness as husband and wife.


In efforts to provide each of our valuable clients with a curated luxury experience, we only accept a limited number of clients each year. We reserve this for the select extraordinarily interesting and interested clients with discerning taste.

We offer an invitation-only membership to a select few to our exclusive Le Vie Club.

Members of the club will receive the following benefits

A Luxury "Welcome" Gift

Priority bookings

Ability to earn rewards points to redeem for prints and services

$250 Annual Print Credit reimbursed at the end of the year

Special members rates on print products

Facts & Questions

How long do you take to process our photos?

Although we try to process your images as soon as possible, we want to ensure that all of your photos are carefully curated and thoroughly examined before delivery. With that said, we make great efforts to keep our turn around time below 30 days.

How do you deliver your wedding images?

Your full wedding gallery will be delivered to you in a form of a web gallery. Your online gallery can be viewed and shared with family and friends. You can also download files that could print up to 4x6 prints, as well as purchase canvases and prints through the gallery. 

If you have selected a collection that includes prints and/or albums, the albums and prints will be processed upon your approval and will be delivered to you in the mail.

Do I have to order prints from you?

Print orders can be placed directly from the online gallery. All print orders will be processed through our trusted print labs that are color calibrated to match our color standards.

Do you offer destination wedding services?

Our domestic travels and accommodations rates are based on time zone regions.

Pacific Region $675

Mountain Region $895

Central Region $1095

Eastern Region $1285

For International, Hawaii, and Alaska weddings, please contact us directly for a custom quote.

What is film?

When I mention that I shoot film, many people confuse it with video films as in "Oh, you shot video films". Tradition photographic film, believe or not, is very much alive in today's digital world. Remember that roll of Kodak or Fuji film you use to have back in the 90's before digital cameras? Yes, when photographers refer to shooting film, we are talking about this. Here's a link to read all about film.

Why Film?

Film embraces light beautifully and generates colors and tones that are very natural and pleasing. It provides an emotional feeling and sensation that is truly indescribable. Film forces you to slow down and make a more deliberate decision because every frame is valuable. This makes every shot so much more meaningful because every decisive moment is special. Digital has its purpose as well, but for the most part, film is my medium of choice.

Are delivered photos retouched and color balanced?

Yes, we take great pride in our products. If an image is not up to our high-quality standards, you will not see it. We spend countless hours working with our film lab to create our signature colors and tone. Our editing computer monitors are routinely color calibrated to match our lab's calibrated printers. This means all of your delivered images and print products will be consistent and cohesive.

Do you have a second photographer?

Most of our wedding collections will include a second photographer. This ensures that we are able to cover more grounds and give you different perspectives on your wedding day. For wedding collections that do not include a second photographer, one can be added on for an extra fee.